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Do you want to sell your Website or Domain? allows you to sell your website/domain name and allows people to contact you to buy them.

To let people know that you are selling your website or domain just follow these easy instructions :

  1. Registreer / Meld je aan
  2. Controleer uw website / domein (Open home page en schrijf uw website / domeinnaam en klik op "Bereken").
  3. After analysis and calculation of your website worth is done, click "Sell my website/domain"
  4. Site Verification page opens. Put the HTML code on your website main(root) page and enter the information required. Then click the "Verify" button. If verification is successfull then fill out the form and your website/domain will be for sale on
  5. Controleer uw domein / website genoteerd op Websites Kopen pagina website.
  6. Then just wait for people to contact you. If anyone is interested in your website/domain name, you will receive an e-mail from your potential buyer including his/her contact information.

Check websites and domains for sale is a Free Website / Domain Worth Estimator,

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